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  • Protect your data and the institution’s data.

    • Do not share your password with ANYONE or allow anyone else to use your account(s). Do not use anyone else’s account.

    • Be vigilant in identifying various types of phishing attacks to gain access to your information.

    • Store confidential and/or sensitive data on appropriate college sanctioned services only.

  • Keep personally owned devices connecting to and/or accessing college resources up-to-date with current operating system and software patches, as well as appropriate up-to-date security measuremeasures.

  • Do not utilize CCAD computing resources, including personally owned computers connected to CCAD’s network, for non-college related commercial activity.

  • Do not forge, maliciously disguise or misrepresent your personal identity. This policy does not prohibit users from engaging in anonymous communications, providing that such communications do not otherwise violate the Appropriate Use Policy.