Digital Print Lab: How to Print

Getting Ready

  1. Before coming to the Digital Print Lab, pick up your paper at the Ampersand store. Remember to always bring extra paper – don’t pin your hopes on one sheet!

  2. Bring your completed file with you. You can use a thumb drive, upload it to Google Drive, or email the file to yourself.

  3. At the Digital Print Lab, choose a station. They are all Macs except for one Windows computer directly to the right at the front of the Lab.

  4. Load your paper into the printer. If you haven’t visited the Digital Print Lab before or forget what to do, please ask for assistance from a Student Worker or Help Desk Technician.

  5. Transfer your files to the desktop. Do not try to print from the browser window or from your thumb drive.

  6. Right-click your file and select Open With > Adobe Photoshop. The color settings work best with Photoshop.

  7. Log into Adobe Creative Cloud.

  8. Go to File > Print, then pause and check out the section below to update the print settings.

Adjusting Print Settings

  1. Make sure the Printer is set to Canon PRO-1000 series.


  2. Click Print Settings to check/change the paper size. You will then see the window below:


  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Paper Size. If you don’t see your paper size listed, select Manage Custom Sizes at the bottom of the list. That will bring up the window below. Here, click the + sign in the bottom left of the screen to add a new custom size, and type in your width and height. Then click OK.


  4. Click Layout to open the drop-down menu and select Quality & Media.
    Media Type: ‘Enhanced Matte Paper’ for Matte, ‘Premium Semimatte Photo Paper (260)' for Semimatte, or ’Premium Luster Photo Paper (260)’ for Luster
    Paper Source: Top Feed (top, multiple feed), or Manual Feed (back, single feed)


  5. Click Save to return to the main print dialogue window.

  6. Scroll down to Color Management. Set the following choices:
    Color Handling: Photoshop Manages Colors
    Printer Profile:Heavyweight Fine Art Paper’ for Matte, or ‘Photo Paper Pro Luster’ for Luster or Semi-Matte papers.
    Rendering Intent: Perceptual


  7. Scroll down to Position and Size. Make sure your image is appropriately scaled. You can see changes live in the box to the left. You can also set the Position to centered, or offset from the top and/or left of the sheet, depending on your print needs.


  8. Click Print.