Campus WiFi

Multiple Wi-Fi networks exist on CCAD’s campus for a variety of purposes. Refer to the table below to learn how to get connected.


Network name

What is this network for?

How do I connect to it?

Network name

What is this network for?

How do I connect to it?


WiFi for students, faculty and staff.

Connect your device to ARTNET using
your CCAD username and password


Secure Wifi access for participating institutions on CCAD’s campus and secure WiFi access for CCAD students, faculty & staff at other participating institutions.

Connect your device to eduroam using
your CCAD email address and password

More information and instructions to connect:


WiFi specifically for campus events such as the Art Fair.
The password is changed for the event.

You won’t normally need to connect to this network.
For more details, contact


WiFi access for guests on campus.

Guests can connect using the guest WiFi password, For more details, contact

Please note: Guests from eduroam member institutions can sign in to eduroam.


Devices that don’t support entering a username and password in residence halls. These include:

  • Smart TVs

  • Amazon Echo

  • Google Home

  • Roku

  • game consoles

Instructions to connect: